Bioscience develops biological solutions to sustain, restore and improve quality of life for humans, plants and animals in our world.



On-chain distribution, circulation and service for the Biosciences

BioLife is built on the consortium chain group based on ACChain bottom layer technology. Life science health pharmaceutical and service providers along with patients are invited to contribute to the digitising of assets on BioLife and the creation of dynamic electronic health records (EHR) and credit ledgers.

BioLife offers a service channel of traceability, security, convenience and confidentiality.


Distribution (Credit Books)


Distribution, Circulation and Service placement are the three basic applications of the BioLife Service Platform. It supports the creation of a digital BioLife passport containing secure records of life science assets and information.


Circulation (BioLife Mall & BIOT)


Inside the BioLife Mall, circulation occurs through the redemption and trading of digital assets. The core of BioLife, the Mall has digital portals based on blockchain technology for traceability throughout the supply chain.


Service (Replacement)


The 82 products and services of Swiss Serolab® will become the first assets on the BioLife mall. Immutable peer-to-peer BIOT transactions occurring when smart contracts are triggered are its core service placement function.

EHR on Chain

An EHR (electronic health record) holds a patient’s health and medical history data. The authenticity, sustainability and continuity of an EHR is vital for precise treatments and therapies relating to their health condition.

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) counters numerous issues associated with patient data leakage and is at the forefront of data tracking, sharing and protection of patient privacy. The BioLife Service Platform records a patient's EHR in an on-chain private ledger and patients may choose to share this peer-to-peer with top biomedical facilities.

Interactions contribute to forming a trust index of biomedical resource providers and a health index for the patient.

BioLife Smart Contracts

Underpinning the BioLife Platform, smart contracts set rules for exchange of value within the BioLife Mall. Through BIOT token adoption, interactions on the platform will expand. The BioLife Platform's blockchain base permits trustless execution of the associated contracts.

Rare, high-end health care resources become continually accessible, including offline services

Once assets are placed on the ACChain network through BioLife, these digital assets can be globally circulated, liquidated through a global secondary market, and withdrawn through supernodes in the way of legal tender or other digital assets.


It’s time to realize the benefits of intricate care