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Meet BioLife

An introduction to BioLife's Core Team and Advisors, the BioLife Chain Initiator and Operations Agency

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BioLife Chain initiator

Swiss Vitality Cells Laboratory Limited

Swiss Vitality Cells Laboratory Limited is the initiator of BioLife chain. The company has five major roles within the life sciences chain including financial accounting, technology, production and operation, marketing and human resource management. It acts within these in an integrated manner, and is also in charge of planning, executing and controlling the entire process of the company’s operation and management.

The BioLife ecosystem consists of healthcare producers, service providers and scientific research institutions. With the development of BioLife, there will be a growing number of health assets joining the ecosystem and providing open, transparent and traceable health assets and redemption.

Swiss Vitality Cells Laboratory Limited is also the operating company of BioLife and in charge of the development, maintenance and management of the BioLife service platform and ecosystem. This company will be responsible for and will be supervised by the BioLife community as the operational management agency of BioLife.

Resource Provider

Swiss Serolab® of Leukerbad Wellness Management Group LTD.

Swiss Serolab® of Leukerbad Wellness Management Group LTD. is one of the first enterprises joining BioLife. In the future, additional health assets and service providers will join the BioLife ecosystem.

Founded in 1958 and established by French M.D. Jean Thomas, the company has the earliest polyclonal antibody lab in Europe with the most complete biopharmaceutical technology. It has received the GMP Certification of Management Qualification for International Pharmaceutical Production – the production and distribution license of the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products or Federal Office of Public Health.

For 60 years, Swiss Serolab® of Leukerbad Wellness Management Group LTD. has been dedicated to research and seeking better treatment solutions for functional illness in order to provide complementary therapies to accompany traditional ones. Leukerbad’s intellectual property portfolio includes over 1,000 bioscience patents, covering areas from anti-aging to major illness precaution.

Known for its outstanding healing effect and security, Leukerbad is praised by industry experts and is highly popular among celebrities and politicians throughout the world. Leukerbad has no history or record of adverse reactions or toxic side-effects.

Serolab focuses on illnesses caused by aging and environment. Deeper than vital signs, Serolab goes into the system, organs, tissues, cells and genes. Based on the fundamental theories of life origins and healthy ontogeny of an organism, Serolab dives into the three dimensions of macro, micro and application to explore and verify a natural medical system of biological rejuvenation and repair.

Relying on top-tier Swiss biological pharmaceuticals and a rich database of genes and pathology, Serolab creates a unique and complete plan of life activation in accordance with the nine main organ systems in the human body. Serolab has created precise and customized treatments for 33 commonly seen chronic illnesses. This constitutes a potentially substantial breakthrough for the development of cures to chronic illness and repair of immunity imbalance in the human body.

To solve problems such as imbalance of high-end medical resources, medicine traceability, health data, privacy of patients and traceability of R&D data, Swiss Serolab® of Leukerbad Wellness Management Group LTD. has joined BioLife as its first supportive project party.

The initial implementation will consist of a launch of data for patients and over 80 types of medicines on the chain by constructing the BioLife Service Platform.

Simultaneously, eight node service agents will be opened for users to offer offline services. In the near future, Swiss Serolab® of Leukerbad Wellness Management Group LTD. will provide asset digitization by forming strategic alliances with other high-end biomedical R&D institutions, medicine producers and biomedical service agents. It will build a high-end biomedical ecosystem with global circulation.


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