A Lifetime of Intricate Care in one Life Science Digital Ecosystem


BioLife Vision

The value of global bioscience resources is immeasurable.

Records of personal health data across the world are in chaos. Patients with multiple access points to local medical services may visit all of them yet cannot retrieve their patient histories. Often electronic medical data is lost or gets leaked.

Medical tourism is on the rise as patients travel to distant destinations to receive superior therapies and treatments and to gain access to specialized biomedical devices. This incurs considerable time, money, and communications costs. Continuity in follow-up visits is often absent.

Bioscience, as the advanced scientific technology of molecular genetics, has a high demand for accurate personal health data for its targeted therapies and precise treatments. Advances made in Bioscience resources across the globe are disparate. There is little equity in the sharing of new treatments and therapies cross border.

BioLife will complete the integration of the world’s foremost life science resources, providing digitization for a diversity of valuable resources and health data in a dynamic and secure digital ecosystem. Employing distributed ledger technology (DLT), BioLife offers a traceable, secure, convenient, and confidential channel for activity within the bioscience resources community worldwide.

BioLife will increase the visible value of bioscience resources worldwide.

The BioLife Service Platform

BioLife is built on the consortium chain group based on AAChain bottom layer technology. Life science health pharmaceutical and service providers along with patients are invited to contribute to the digitising of assets on BioLife and the creation of dynamic electronic health records (EHR) and credit ledgers.

BioLife offers a service channel of traceability, security, convenience and confidentiality.

The world’s best biomedical resources, treatments, therapies, products and services are digitized and offered to patients in a secure, confidential and convenient platform. BioLife sets up a credit ledger for every owner of biomedical resources and builds a private health ledger for every patient. Data is exchanged peer-to-peer without any intermediate parties.

  • 01.

    (Credit Books)

    Supports creation of a digital BioLife passport containing secure records of life science assets and information.

  • 02.

    (BioLife Mall & BIOT)

    Maintains traceability throughout the supply chain and trade in digital assets between owners and patients.

  • 03.


    Immutable Peer-to-peer BIOT transactions occur on the BioLife chain when agreements trigger smart contracts.

The 82 products and services of Swiss Serolab® will become the first assets on the BioLife mall

BioLife’s on-chain channel supports owners of medical resources, R&D labs, equipment suppliers, and pharmaceutical companies in a dynamic and active digital supply chain.

Serving patients requiring specialized treatments, BioLife supports high net worth individuals in retaining their own electronic health records and accessing treatments. BioLife is integrating the world’s major life science resources within a digital ecosystem that underpins lifetime patient care and ensures global liquidity for high-end services.

Countering the numerous issues associated with patient data leakage, distributed ledger technology (DLT) has emerged at the forefront of data tracking, sharing and protection of patient privacy. After a patient accesses top biomedical services through the BioLife Service Platform, their EHR is recorded on the EHR chain, forming a personal and unique EHR ledger for the patient. Patients can then choose whether to share this EHR ledger with a health care provider and information is transferred peer to peer.

Interactions contribute to forming a trust index of biomedical resource providers and a health index for the patient.