BioLife Tokenomics

Connecting you with bioscience health care solutions wherever you are in the world



BioLife is globalizing bioscience health care

BioLife tokens (BIOT) provide contributors with access to the best available biomedical resources and life science health care all around the world. This new on-chain system powered by distributed ledger technology opens a transparent marketplace for a wealth of customized bioscience treatments and therapies.

The BioLife digital ecosystem

We are creating BioLife tokens to solve issues faced in life science health care today, like private health data security, physical asset and research data transparency, cross-border payments and payment risk.

BioLife is making it possible for remarkable bioscience R&D to develop within a single digital ecosystem.

Why choose BioLife?

BioLife tokens give biomedical resource owners, patients, and investors the ability to acquire, maintain or access valuable bioscience technologies, resources and health care.

BIOT is the internal fuel currency and exclusive medium of exchange for transactions occurring within the BioLife digital ecosystem.


The size of the global digital health market was $60.8 billion USD in 2013 and is expected to increase to $233.3 billion USD in 2020.

The BioLife Token (BIOT)

As the native currency and exclusive medium of value exchange inside BioLife, BIOT is structured in a way that supports the entire BioLife digital ecosystem. In the context of token adoption, BIOT supports development within BioLife in many ways, including:

  • as an adopted exchange medium in the global bioscience and medical tourism marketplace
  • as a governance tool
  • as a reward for proposing and/or implementing new improvements to the platform
  • in the creation of a protocol layer for third-party applications
  • as a reward for valuable knowledge sharing
  • as a means of monetization for third-party vendors
  • as an access API to the BioLife platform
  • as a reward for securing the platform

This will increase liquidity of the whole BioLife ecosystem and steepen the velocity of BIOT as its native and exclusive currency. This may result in higher appreciation of BIOT as adoption expands and the platform becomes popular.


BioLife is working to secure multiple listings for BIOT across an array of cryptocurrency exchanges, to encourage frictionless exchange and usage for all global participants.

Token Generation Event

The TGE will be operated by Swiss Vitality Cells Laboratory Limited. Commencing on 28 Nov - 04 Dec 2018, the BIOT generation event will last until tokens are sold. BioLife Tokens are in limited supply and BioLife may stop or extend the sale at any time without advanced notice. The BioLife TGE will be entrusted to an underwriter who will sell BIOT to contributors. 10 billion BIOT will be sold during the token generation event.

KYC and AML jurisdiction regulation compliance

BioLife will comply ongoing with all KYC and AML regulations in particular jurisdictions.

Scaling and Streaming

Transaction times will be compressed and transaction fees kept low through BioLife's private payment channels as adoption increases and the platform scales.


Swiss Vitality Cells Laboratory Limited.

Trusted Issuer

Pinnakal Management Consulting FZ LLC.

BioLife DApp buildout

The first BioLife DApps will be developed over twelve months, starting after conclusion of the TGE.

Clients will be able to access the BioLife DApps on their mobile or desktop devices in the same way they would any other app.

Ongoing support, maintenance, and further development of BioLife DApps will serve to invigorate the growing community.

Future Outlook

BioLife, through ongoing digitising of physical bioscience assets, and trade and exchange in BIOT, is aiming to promote the progress and sustainable development of life science and technology.

All parties willing to provide transparent services to their clients can participate in offline service scenarios.

Allocation of raised funds

Funds raised from the token sale will be allocated as follows: Raises will make use of brokers. Fees are 30% in round 1, 20% in round 2, and 10% in round 3. Cash raised will be used to build the BioLife ecosystem and provide cash advance against the fund, retrieving tokens in lieu when these are ready for release.


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