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The BioLife Service Platform

BioLife is building a global bioscience resources platform serving patients, investors, and biomedical resource owners.

It aims to provide a safe, reliable, efficient and economical foundation for a thriving biosciences community. Products, services, personal data and assets relevant to life sciences health care will be digitized. BioLife Token (BIOT) holders may invest in R&D and secure their assets through smart contracts.

Products and Services

On the BioLife Service Platform, patients can obtain authenticated pharmaceutical drugs and biomedical services and receive access to a credit ledger from asset owners. Providers include pharmaceutical companies, health service organizations, equipment manufacturers and research institutions. When patients purchase health services on the BioLife Service Platform, their health data is accessed only through private key and transmitted peer-to-peer, ensuring personal privacy and security.


In Version 1.0 of its platform, BioLife will create an electronic health record as a service (“EHRaaS”). Underpinning these will be the smart contracts that set rules for exchange of value via trustless execution.

EHRaaS will use machine learning AI to identify personal needs, recommend or deploy bioscience technologies, and establish connections with health care institutions.

BioLife EHRaaS uses blockchain technology. There will be no personal identity information scraping (“PII”) and no reselling of personal data by BioLife or any third party.

Digital Portals

Blockchain technology will form the backbone and record the entire process of the biomedical supply chain, treatment processes and results, with the BioLife Service Platform providing digital portals to the community.

BioLife’s adoption of DLT as its technology backbone streamlines the biomedical sector impacted by big data.

  • heightened security and resistance to tampering
  • protection of personal, identifiable information and privacy elements
  • elimination of any single point of failure
  • reduced transaction times
  • elimination of third party transaction fees

Bioscience R&D

BioLife will also provide a large amount of sample data for scientific research institutions, establishing a shared data platform for life science researchers worldwide to reduce R&D duplication.

In the future, BioLife will extend to smartwear, connecting live physical health data through big data and AI machine learning.

Knowledge exchange base

Smart Media Token (“SMT”) technology will be integrated for community building. Among other things, Smart Media Token technology lets a community member post information, knowledge and content that can receive upvotes if it's valuable and enriching. These upvotes become immediate rewards in the form of BioLife Tokens.

BIOT, the internal fuel token for BioLife aims to promote the sustainable development and lifelong progress of bioscience.

The BioLife Token will be the native currency for the BioLife community and ecosystem. All transactions for all present and future use cases will occur though the BioLife Token.

BioLife Community members can propose new features at any time, improvements are welcome, as long as these align with BioLife’s mission to improve health and advance bioscience R&D.

Data marketplace

An opt-in data marketplace may be generated as a unique proposition because customers and third parties can benefit from and monetize the data generated by the distributed biomedical resources. Smart contracts are well fitted for this type of application. There are three types of BioLife community members:

  • Clients (patients and their families)

  • Providers (practitioners, researchers, institutions, government agencies, nonprofits)

  • Developers (programmers, software engineers)

The BioLife White Paper details 5 specific use cases for the BioLife Service Platform. All participants will benefit from simplified access to biomedical services, cost reductions, and more rapid evolution of bioscience R&D. BioLife’s next generation features will include planning capabilities, efficiency enhancers and reward systems to attract widespread adoption of the platform.


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